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    LAnkz back at killin the scene gz gz
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    on this fine Monday morning 6 OG Zoom nigga's decided to get together last minute & see if the snipe scene was still alive, .... it was until we killed it. Thank you to all the Snipe teams who gave us action, 3hit FH Zen ATL TeaBook BT Honor and his shit accs/friends Shoutout to my shooters; @Nutsack @Lucian @Super @WKMagic @YoNewDaddy
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    Apex vs EOP 15 v 15 P2P Mini [4-0]

    @Logic clan big winner
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    Papa Bear

    Envy finally got a forums!

    https://envyrs.com/ Wtf is this... You don't even P2P? looks like you got smited for all your +1's so bought 3 sara swords uhhh... this makes more sense comming from an envy rank. Dude write that shit with google paint? P.S. you fergot the north south side on the left. Whole minute long promotion vid and the first/last 30 seconds is an intro? the first clip was you getting clapped losing like 10 opts on the first hit against aao? I mean gz I guess lol...
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    Why are u talking shit about Apex, didn't you and warchild slaved for Nox only to get apex members to join Ob? LMFAO keep talking shit i will release your leak record split eyed fuck l000l
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    Martin Tyler

    What was this about?

    good shi my niga @Heismberg ur full rank team (10ish ppls) are on vs aao,ir,sup, but if its pex or fi none can make it..? damn niga
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    Fearless shooters carrying the fat ob members Rn...
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    Meet Them With Scims


    do u like latinos?
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    outbird v2 aka nm shaking right now To every fs member in nightmare reading this post: IT'S TIME TO COME HOME.
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    Meet Them With Scims


    I cleared him off his own clan once and he's upset with life since then
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    Meet Them With Scims


    Lions suck tho, come join the winning side
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    Why did you @ me wtf
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    Meet Them With Scims

    EnVy Closing Topic

    dead ass clan no history lmfao
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    @zmaj left for this!
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    V low

    @Koldkilla97 he talking to u kid

    @Koldkilla97 he talking to u kid
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    Misfits big "gwass" on Fatality

    So not only did misfits lie about their pull saying how they had 40-45 when in reality they have 0 pics/vids where they have over 35 but they also apparently "gwassed" a clan with double their opts.. I'll let their OWN video speak for itself. I think Misfits ranks should really stop with all the lies since it hasn't really brought them anywhere. @Kanicus @CV IO @White [email protected] explain this ?? lmfao this is literally from your own video fucking downies
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    WK magic is an ugly Guyanese freak