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    Fatality vs IR [2-1] P2P Prep

    Fi should of chosen classic see if they stopped the prep aswell lol
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    shife is a piece of brown sticky stuff.
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    You guys try way too hard for Sharkbrew awards lol
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    Fatality vs IR [2-1] P2P Prep

    We massed up 37 Green warriors to take on Intense Redemption in a P2P prep. After taking a loss in a hard fought r1 we won our next two rounds very convincingly. Thanks for the Prep Intense Redemption. lost Fatality Starting: 32 Intense Redemption Starting: 32 Fatality Ending: 17 Intense Redemption Ending: 0 Fatality Starting: 31 Intense Redemption Starting: 31 Fatality Ending: 23 Intense Redemption Ending: 0
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    Bad Timing [50-65 Combat] XLPC

    website : http://badtiming-rs.com/forums/ Teamspeak Server : Badtimingts.teamspeak3.com Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoMbUngp4KNqUiBGSalvHag Clan Chat"BtPub" Team Cape # 48 STAFF TEAM Requirements 50-65cb (1-4 defense) 40 Attack 70+Range 70+Strength 60+Mage We are here to enjoy the xlpc scene! Looking to join us!? hit us up @teamspeak or btpub cc. Were a little new to the scene as most of us use to be in main clans. Were enjoying the scene and hoping to see couple of new faces join our clan!
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    So some people would argue that FOE would be top 2 clans of all time behind only Mayhem Makers. But since MM has closed and Foe remains open and active (somewhat), some people were putting Foe #1. My question is, with the recent resurgence of Eop do you think Foe has slipped? There rank structure is weak and there pulls are low and they hide from Eop. Foe can't even do a midweek without getting crashed. They are also riddled with leaks. What are your thoughts on the top 5 clans of all time? 1. Mayhem Makers 2. Eruption Of Pures 3. Fatality 4. Final Ownage Elite 5. The Last Pures honorable mention: Critical Damage - although CD has changed scenes they are one of the only clans to have been open 10+ years and not close once... Props to them for that.
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    Dude no one cares about your rev cave trips. Prep PX, or stfu.
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    Fatality vs IR [2-1] P2P Prep

    thank bOb
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    Was fun. Thanks for action everyone.
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    commentary as 60 att pure (facecam)

    good stuff
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    Dope lol nice
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    I'm glad EoP has made so many clanners mad over all these years. I'm not going to get into a detailed post about why which clan is better because half the people on these forums are either in denial or they are straight up new as fuck compared to alot of the oldies. Regardless heres my list. 01.) MM 02.) EOP 03.) FOE 04.) FI 05.) CP I truly do wish MM was still around though. Would have been interesting to see a good rivalry between us and them during these times. Atleast they wouldn't share capes with other clans unlike some brown sticky stuffters.
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    Px are trash and easy lul, hence why Misfits bully em
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    Top 5 Clans Of All Time [Has Foe Slipped?]

    1. MM - Indisputable. Been a F2P power house for so many years when it counted, and they were really good in P2P as well. Foe made MM run for their money regularly though (clans like Epidemic and Eop did the same now and then, but not on the same scale as Foe). It's no wonder MM had the biggest and most active community (probably still bigger than most pure clans). 2. Foe - Foe has had its ups and downs, but mainly ups. In the years following the first era, Foe were for the majority pretty much ahead of Eop and Fi and Foe was the only clan to give MM proper fights and challenges on the long run. 3-4. Eop/Fi - When pure clanning started Fi was the most dominate clan for a really long period. Eop did beat Fi a few times during that first era. Since that first era Eop has been the more dominant and active clan of the two (based on the period after 2009). Both clans have had some slumps, but they always pulled through. So I guess it's safe to say #3 goes to Eop while #4 goes to Fi. 5-7. TLP/Epidemic/CP - TLP was a very stable P2P powerhouse that had amazing and dominant periods challenging the top 2 clans. In F2P they were very good, but usually lacked the numbers. A few years ago they were one of the strongest powerhouses during the 39 def era. I put Epidemic on the list because Epidemic accomplished what no other clan has ever accomplished in less than 1,5 year in the hardest and most active pure clanning era ever; dethrone the indusputable #1 clan MM in F2P with inferior accounts. Epidemic had gained their goal of taking #1 F2P by surprise. Epidemic is only on this list because of that feat. Epidemic lacked the P2P skills and numbers to be a serious contender vs clans like MM, Foe and TLP (the majority of our members hated P2P). I put CP on the list due to their long history and because they've had their periods of dominating the F2P scene. This was however during weaker clanning era's when every +1 was pretty much auto-accepted (eldercontracts anyone?).
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    can everyone stfu and let the battle for #7 commence
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    Apex are much stronger than PX atm?
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    Yep quote me again bump my topic up for me wooff
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    OB reduced to cheating in mini's smh..

    This video made me laugh
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    Ownage man

    OB reduced to cheating in mini's smh..

    scrub lol it says game over. you lost.
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    OB reduced to cheating in mini's smh..

    I legit lol'd, this mans crying about someone leaving cc in a first to 25 that we didn't even post anywhere hahhahahaa
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    I'm not even in fs v2 broccoli, ur ugly as fuck irl l000l loser
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    Community | Outburst CC Outburst massed up 16 later peaking at 24 Panthers for a Wednesday Midweek. Most of our action tonight was against WAR as we had similar opts and we also had a few small hits on OD/OP/ATL www.outburst-rs.com to join the #1 xlpc @Broxx @Chalu
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    Topic by @Tiny Our Big Dick Bees massed up for a whole 30 seconds to mass up 20+ PrimeTimeKillerBees who were ready for a dosage of KENTUCKY FRIED PX. Our numbers stayed at a consistent ~20 for the entirety of our 2-3 Hour Trip. Our Hunting Bees started out the trip at REV CAVES and later moved to GDZ/GLORY HILL, then to VENNY. MISFITS finished off at REV CAVES again for a 100% CLEAN CLEAR on PEENIX CLAN. Despite THE DEAD BIRD CLAN having MULTIPLE MAINS and OPTS ON US, we were able to catch them off guard for a FREE SMOKE. @BackWoodsL POV: PICTURES DOWN BELOW:
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    @Horizon @Salso @Lemons @Gelsey @Treehugger28 lmao wuu2 broccoli. Imagine massing 30mins to go "end our trip" then have this happen to you and hide in singles for the rest of your trip lmao