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    so you use leaks vs us now you're being toxic on forums? kk noted hope ur muslim because the whole community is gonna have apex fasting
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    Bad Timing Exterminating Envy Rats

    No wonder envy has never won a single round in clan wars ever in their history
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    Bad Timing Exterminating Envy Rats

    It’s because @Don Elmir was leading the trip with 30 attack and -30 iq lmfao
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    Fatality vs Misfits and Invites

    rekindling this old rivalry. fun!
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    Apex vs AAO P2P Mini [4-1]

    You're right! They did kill more of us than you guys did in our entire p2p prep on Wednesday
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    Runescape Lover

    Abandonment of 308

    I heard Zoom destroyed w308, thats why jagex made pvp worlds @N uts ack @Lankz @416 Magic can confirm
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    Bad Timing Exterminating Envy Rats

    Grats BT looked like EV got the smoke
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    Fatality vs Misfits and Invites

    To say we wanted to win this prep is an understatement. We massed up 40 Big Green Dicked Warriors and met Misfits for a P2P Prep. [6:37 PM] Zee: no more events more fi [6:37 PM] Zee: enjoy Fatality Starting: 25 Misfits Starting: 25 Fatality Ending: 14 Misfits Ending: 0 Fatality Starting: 28 Misfits Starting: 28 Fatality Ending: 21 Misfits Ending: 0 21 MISFITS LOGGED OUT OF THEIR OWN HOMEWORLD. [VIDEOS] @Jack
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    the vid ended with bt 11 ingame and you 9 losing topic men
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    Thanks for the prep guys, p2p needs work but nevertheless nice win.
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    Ty 4 prep. was fun
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    Fatality vs Misfits and Invites

    [6:37 PM] Zee: no more events more fi [6:37 PM] Zee: enjoy speak up @Zee
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    Outburst Vs Supremacy [2-1] [30v30 F2P PREP]

    nice job killing more than 3 people each round
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    Meet Them With Scims

    Abandonment of 308

    The last hope closed in 3 weeks
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    N uts ack

    stop lying 2 ur members...

    these haters cant stop you nigga
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    Apex Rank Leaks Sunday Audio Ft. Angry Nox

    kid you look like sloth from the goonies with your egg head lookin ass bet its not even me youre hearing cause the ladies say i sound sexy
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    Legends never die

    @A Millii
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    Emre: about to login and gmaul u on my zerk nigga 😂
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    Range Grudge


    brooo i miss u <3
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    Wtf is a discord?
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    Idk what SV is so that wasnt me. Some lilguy that stole my name I guess