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    your shit clan got run over despite your mains and there's nothing you can do about it, sandcrab.
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    Introduction COTM/CWL/WCOTM used to be a household name for clans looking to compare their performance and activity in Clan Wars and Wilderness. You can find the origins with (former) sharkbrew rank @Bradenwho came up with the idea of tracking clan wars preps during an era where prep activity had all but collapsed. Thanks to his system, there was a noticeable increase in clan wars activity. Over the years, we have seen many changes, but the hardest hit so far was the migration of Sharkbrew from IPB3 to IPB4 in 2018. This had rendered all of our systems obsolete, and combined with my increased irl workload, I was not able to code up a replacement... until today: League System I have limited the number of dependencies with IPB, therefore we can foresee this system being used for many years to come! https://www.sharkbrew.com/?/league/clans/cwars https://www.sharkbrew.com/?/league/clans/wilderness This is a unified system that tracks both clan wars and wilderness. The system is based on weighted point values as shown here: Clan Wars This system tracks all preps(20v20+) and fullouts. Unlike previous systems, we award points based on rounds won. The formula goes as follows: For winners: points gained: numbers_of_rounds_won * 1.00(winner points) * 3 For the losers points lost: (total_number_of_rounds - number_of_rounds_won) * -0.75 * 3 To mitigate the effects of a loss, the losing clan will not lose as much points as gained by the winning clan. Also because we are counting rounds won, winning at least 1 round in a 3 round prep can prevent you from losing a lot of points! Also all preps are capped at 5 rounds to deter point farming. First to 25/50/100 counts as 1 round. Wilderness The goal of tracking wilderness activity ties into Sharkbrew future plans of advertising pure/main community events to the greater public with the help of sharkbrew's twitter account. This system is designed to demonstrate which clans have the most activity. I will post a topic in the future detailing our plans. There are no winners or losers; every topic(midweek/weekend counts). The higher the opts, the more points your clan will receive! Midweek: opts/10 * 0.2 * 3 Weekend: opts/10 * 1.50 * 3 When will the system start? I will be counting all events starting from the 18th of august onwards. How do I participate? For now, create a clan group: https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/gc/cat/1-runescape-clans/ Then PM me on discord to be added to the system. I am working out kinks to the system. Promotions With these new systems up come with new promotions: @Break- Overseer- As one of our senior ranks I am thankful for your loyalty to this site. You been with Sharkbrew and by my side through Sharkbrew's ups and falls, and I thoroughly appreciate your presence on this site. You have put in a great amount of work into countless various systems that the sharkbrew community, and this new rank is the cumulative of everything your had done. @Yak- Mediator - Inspite of your many IRL commitments, you have dedicated yourself to the management and upkeep of the discord. Your activity has been excellent and I would like to see you achieve more with this rank With this out of the way, Sharkbrew is looking for new ranks to help us propel this community into the next phase. Within the next 2 weeks, we are going to promote no less than 6 new gatekeepers to help us run various systems. If you have already applied, please take note of your rank application topic link as I will need you to reply to a future topic indicating your continued interest at being a rank of this site. If you haven't applied, please feel free to apply by clicking the link at the top of this site
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    I simply logged in to this forum to state one fact: Supremacy is the best. Rage is, has been, and always will be ass... 2 years away and nothing has changed.
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    u were in team 10 cape on several tanks and killed me multiple times buddy, still didnt help u though cus my boys pixel, 2ndch4nce, togo and marwan held it down l0l stop using ur dogfo propaganda, it wont work buddy rage got beaten with 0 practice and hardly any members that were good at f2p, literal rev pkers won vs 90 min inners and f2p event all week rage bears 2-1 l0l, mad and bad fom still scared to prep big scary o l0o0ol ye bro? shout out to my nigga drunk, dem cp tactics from pre eoc comin in clutch l0l, cry at ted for running east more in rank chat loser l0l o yeh bro? same energy bro? i dictate ur trips lil guy, u fight me where i want, when i want, i leave when i want and do whatever i want and u cant do anything about it l0l
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    i've already said this once:
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    Definitely there will be points decay. The system is still in beta stages so I am ironing out the kinks
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    😄 bro chill u making it too obvs that ur clan got stomped on today
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    wheres fo l000000l only kid left flaming is some newfag sandcrabber, sick
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    dont u get it bro? those tanks were with u trying to give us a handicap? dumb dumb! u also need to find the other 3 from your clan in our cape helping us fight u bro! step it up ! nope nope nope, i dictate ur trips and fo is dogfo and scared to prep l0l !
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    great trip, great clan, wouldn't have it any other way
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    fo will never win matched without tanks was a bomb ass trip, easily the best since opening f2p wise, gdz fight was fun as frick
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    Forums | Recent Events | Youtube After a long week of ownage, Outrage massed up a peak of 45 Dragons ready to stomp all who stood in our way. Todays trip consisted of multiple 1v2's as well as putting FO in the dirt despite their spastic sandcrab members logging on mains, further showing the reason FO does not want to catch these hands in a prep. Great job to all who attended, this is what happens when we match FO's pull. @@Pixel bday @*Lee @Andrew @Eztocrypt @Finn To start off this glorious Saturday, we hit a fight between Apex and Fatality south of Bandits, pushing both clans into single. Our second hit of the day was also against Apex and Fatality - this time they decided to get a team on crash and we found ourselves fighting off both clans, eventually pushing both clans into single. Next up, we joined in on another fight between Apex and Fi at 13 ports. Both clans went into single and we moved on to find another fight. We got word that clans were fighting at GDZ, so we took it upon ourselves to join in. Initially clearing all Apex & Fatality returners that we found on our way to Old Gate, where we found CD. And so began the 1v3 GDZ fight we'd been looking for, as we took on the likes of Fatality, Apex and CD all at once. The battle ended when all clans had been cleared and we chased Fi into singles south of New Gate. Fo also joined in toward the end but by that point, we'd already cleared three clans and had no reason to stick around. Our final fight of the day came against Legacy, whom we fought on 13 ports. The fight remained mostly even all the way until FO crashed, at which point Legacy dipped and we were left with FO. I'm not sure who was leading FO's trip today but I'm willing to bet they got smoked in their rank channel after what happened here, having crashed our fight up 10 and with mains only to be thrown from the battlefield. This is what happens when we match your pulls and exactly why your leaders are afraid of prepping us.
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    supremacy-rs.com | "supremacy rs" cc | supremacy.verygames.net In lieu of demoralizing Rage after giving them the smackdown on Week 1 of the rivalry, Week 2 came out with an even bigger surprise and kicked off with a BANG. The Almighty Golden Studs of Supremacy mustered up 55 tigers for our most dominant server ready to see what Rage and the rest of the pure scene had in store for us. Luckily for us, Legacy and Final Ownage Elite gave us some tussles And as for our "rivals" over at Rage HQ, let's just say they got smoked x5 for an entire hour straight.. ...must've been unBEARable for them l0l Watch the videos below for the real scoop. See you tomorrow freaks. Supremacy vs Legacy Since dogshit Rage clan was scared to enter wilderness (ironically a Bear's home), we decided to begin the action with a tussel against LY at P13's. We dominated until FOE rushed, causing LY to run away, leaving us to 1v1 FOE instead. LY rushes back and we pull bows on both clans until they run away. Supremacy vs Legacy LY sat at P13s comfortably until we rushed them with 54 tigers. We brought them down to 36, baiting them by running toward CA. Later on, FOE rushed us and we got into a short return fight until we cleared them completely to 18 in game. After having 3 strong fights within 15 minutes into our trip, we decided to pay Rage a visit in singles. After hitting them, we baited them to multi at west bandits, dropping them to 36 in game until FOE crashed. Despite the crash, we stayed ontop of the shitters until they were forced to log out lmfaoooo. FOR THE GRAND FINALE... Starting Supremacy: 50 Rage: 49 Ending Supremacy: 47 Rage: 0 bc they had to call another clan Dogshit Rage thought it was a good idea to log in ontop of us in singles. LMFAO. Little did they know that it costed them an hour of getting ABSOLUTELY demolished while getting cleared x5. This hour long return fight was the highlight of our trip as Rage couldn't get above 40 in game, while we MAINTAINED 50 tigers at all costs. After failed attempts at trying to scim push us with 25 bears, they decided to call FOE to come 2v1 us. It wasn't until FOE ran past Rage just to hit us did we call the fight. Better luck next time Rage lolol. Ty for the #1 F2P Belt btw. Look below for 4 ez clears in the span of an hour. Rage's tanks btw
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    thanks for the free W. also, we were wondering the same
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    rage got fucked lmao! these kids made a topic saying they were fighting "down numbers" when they had 50 in cc when they started to fight l000l
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    lmfao fo is trash, i was getting hit by tanks in team-10 capes the entire time. We stomped Fo end of story
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    outrage really is the best clan join today
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    l0l fom is mad and bad and u cry at ted who led ur trip cus left fight l0l ez 4 outrage gf loser ! l0l cant kill me bro, i can pull myself to trips and still be open l0l stay mad and bad loser ! nice scared to prep clan ur in bud ! l0l !
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    GDZ fights again? Goodjob community, nice to see you guys are switching it up. Nice job boys, looked like you dominated today 👍
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    the word buddy has now been banned on this topic!!!
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    Great action for the Dragons 🐉.
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    Rage Saturday Clusters FT. Foe/Sup/Ly/Cd

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    Was a fun bunch of fights today, continuous action the entire trip
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    damn l0l did foe really get stomped allday?
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    Great idea to increase cwa activity let the preps begin.
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    Ooh, hey. Grats @Yak new table tracker looks great
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    Outrage is pretty dogshit considering they sat in singles in the p13 fight, they only got 2 scim pushes within a whopping 10 minutes of finally fighting back all year...
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    You had more tanks than Foe, how delusional are you? you can barely beat rage in f2p, so you clearly cannot beat foe matched opts let alone down 10 not to mention the fact that you hugged the single line west of 13 ports the entire fight until foe ran east to fight Rage where you chose to end your trip and claim some sort of cheap win for Sharkbrew clout, hopefully you keep the same energy tomorrow and stay to fight us for more than 5 seconds!!!
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