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    New Gmaul Meta (?) Ft. Moni.gif

    Testing out the Granite Maul. What do you guys think about the new meta? /discuss
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    Instead of acting cocky and flaming, act humble. Do not act like retards when we are willing to give the most p2p clan wars action in the pure community. You guys are decent players already but no where near the top yet.
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    pretty confused, who was cocky and flaming in Pups? This is our 3rd pure fight ever obviously we don't think we're the best yet, our pures aren't even done lmao. Thanks for the practice Apex.
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    lmfao shit fucking team got turned into a pack
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    From an unbiased pov, Rp raped nightmare
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    Should I be concerned with feds coming to my house after viewing this video of a blantant rape?
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    slush unsuspended nox and theres nothing u can do about it my niga suspend him again for posting the vid and ur getting demoted (mark this post freak)
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    Old Nox

    New Gmaul Meta (?) Ft. Moni.gif

    this is on page 4 of our tactic playbook
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    What do you mean "if", I will be joining up very shortly with CD to cleanse the scene. Avatar* from Rocko's Modern Life, a bit before your time young-blood, you were still a fetus while I was watching it as a kid l0l, yeah brah chillin' it up, life is good Keep hiding behind an anon alias btw, weak asf niggah
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    You were recruited to outburst from envy. Please kyp
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    the only thing outburst won last week was their 12 v 12 inners
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    ? theres already 30 sup at nm trip l0l ? wallahi
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    go ahead ill cancel my trip and do inners. all my pandas will be down
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    i can 100 percent say , yes we brought 30 tanks to fight your 15 tanks. thank you try again.
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    Pups Vs. Apex P2P Mini 2-1 | 10v10

    did alot of sets vs em, dudes were getting practice since they dont fight on pures we lost most of the sets but here's the one we won
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    New Gmaul Meta (?) Ft. Moni.gif

    this topic isn't about you. It's about a new meta that we are trying.
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    ill talk to them dw.
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    You have to predict the future, it's easy.
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    This isnt even purge though? why are you teaming with AAO and BP?
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    CURRENT Top F2P Callers

    Prolly @RyanTheG @N uts ack @Warbow And of course @koldkillaz @Koldkilla97 @Koldkillaz94