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    50-65 CB Pure? Join Noxious xLPC Clan Today! Discord: https://discord.gg/DabJjrV | Clan Chat: Clan Noxious Hey Brew! 🤑 On this stormy Tuesday afternoon, the wind was howling and the thunder was striking on @Infamous Jetand his band of retards after all that talk... Noxious massed up an easy 25 pilled up BBC's ready to dick these white trailer trash whores over at FH. For any of you FH that's wondering why you're getting camped now - Just ask Xans! 💋 GF to OD for the fun clusters today. GF to Blitz + UF 1v2 np baby. Let's a take a look on what went through the mind of @Infamous Jetwhen he was late to a hit and tried rushing down 10+ opts! LMFAO 😨
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    Gf man. We had 21 to your 30+ on sunday if you wanna talk numbers 😘
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    Idk why FH though it was a good idea to pipe up
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    most the video is you running away or hiding in singles..
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    I know people frequently say "was easy" but this was probably the easiest and quickest uncontested clear i've ever been a part of in 8 years on this game
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    looks like you made front page Buckshot Good fight Vengeance
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    F2P Hybrids peaked 12 today and had the choppers ready for "Noxious" for talking big after they got smoked 16v24. FH waited for the degnerates @Scims to mass 20 people in 45 minutes before stepping into our wild. We started off the trip by slamming Noxious 10v19 and they sat in singles for 45 mins comtemplating which one of my leaks were in their clan. Had a lot intense fights vs other snipe teams and ended winning most of the fights today. The #1 SNIPE TEAM has "Noxious" shaking after starting a rivalry with the best core in 308. Week 1 Day 1, your perm rag for the rest of 2019. Enjoy the audio leak...
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    solid action for a midweek! fh only knows how to run away
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    another easy midweek from the noxi clan
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    FH is shit. Speak up dog. @Infamous Jet
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    FH not ready for this lmfaooo stupid rats smoked
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    How to KYP a Clan

    free smoke
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    Final Ownage Elite Vs. Apex P2P Mini's 4-1

    my guy hit a 3 aswell
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    For the amount you guys run, I would think fudog isn’t still obese
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    B Belichick

    How to KYP a Clan

    I’m sorry you can’t call anyone legendary in rampant. But majority of people in imt are like legendary Pokémon
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    Tribe - xLPC SNIPE TEAM

    gl guys. Looking forward to the action
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    Imagine thnking this hahahahahahaha kys
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    Join Climax

    Join Climax