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    do your shooters know u play runescape? lmfao
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    Phoenix ended their successful opening trip of the year pulling 70 members later peaking at 72. The absence of misfits shifted our focus to Intense Redemption who had a similar pull. After a first victory (complete clear) we asked for a rematch, where we were 2v1's by the FI/IR alliance. However with our exceptional intelligence, we managed to maneuver through both clans and once again, gaining the upper hand on IR. We also came face to face with the likes of EoP, Apex, Supremacy, Final Ownage Elite and Against All Odds. We fought these clans briefly when the opportunity arose. Thanks for everyone involved. Thanks for the great time folks. We were wondering the same thing.. Spiral POV Edgi POV Royce POV Estranger POV
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    Bad Timing [50-65 Combat] XLPC

    website : http://badtiming-rs.com/forums/ Teamspeak Server : Badtimingts.teamspeak3.com Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoMbUngp4KNqUiBGSalvHag Clan Chat"BtPub" Team Cape # 48 STAFF TEAM Requirements 50-65cb (1-4 defense) 40 Attack 70+Range 70+Strength 60+Mage We are here to enjoy the xlpc scene! Looking to join us!? hit us up @teamspeak or btpub cc. Were a little new to the scene as most of us use to be in main clans. Were enjoying the scene and hoping to see couple of new faces join our clan!
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    Another win, grats st ;p
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    gj my foreign friends
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    I would respond but I have legit no idea who this guy is
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    It's funny how molds is trying to be relevant whenever he got rejected from every snipe team lol @Molds
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    In an even fight I bet OB would beat FS still tbh, they have always been a very good clan in matched fights
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    Bad Timing [50-65 Combat] XLPC

    Hell yeah this clan is my home, I been in it over an year and we always joke and brown sticky stuff. Everyone is chill af too. When it comes down to mandatory pk trips we get down to business though, and all jokes get put to the side. Anyone who is interested in joining should definitely come give us a try.
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    looks like aao got fucked lmfa00000000
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    gotta say this was probably one of the worst opening trips since ive seen in lol, you guys did nothing for the first hour aside from clearing OP who were low on food and midway through a regroup after they fought CD and had less than half your pull. you tried to crash a couple fights later on but your intel was lacking and you'd always arrive too late both CD and FS who had similar numbers to you were rolling around in multi by themselves not once in that first 90 minutes did you bother to hit us, some straight chicken brown sticky stuff. once you gathered enough courage to fight FS, they ended up clearing you anyway, and that was despite OB crashing them and CD sniping stragglers from both sides your clan especially in the past always seemed obsessed with massing for longer than everyone else and refusing to straight up fight anyone that remotely pulls the same as you. 2minute vid on a triple logged account says it all lol. is it any surprise why you've closed 3 times
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    Forgot to include the 2 hours you spent in singles lol
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    idk but isnt it getting boring, not having any real fights since u outpull everyone else? not that i care
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    PX #1 LPC Good brown sticky stuff today, killed everyone in wildy Input: !seen MF Output: "Error, MF Has Closed"
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    14/1/18 P2P Rankings

    Misfits loc lmfao
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    Pure progress Ep. 02

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    Goodjob Striketeam
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    Gz Striketeam
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    Deep Thought

    14/1/18 P2P Rankings

    1. EOP 2. Apex 3. IR 4. FOE 5. PX 6. FI 7. SF 8. AAO 8. ST 9. SUP
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    And there goes what was left of control pkers dwindling hairline
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    I would compare these virgin fearless kids to a kid who left his girlfriend because he thought he was better than her but still continued to talk brown sticky stuff about her after... which means you still care about us molds.. so stop the pointless banter? You want us to pull 70? We never pulled 70 when you fearless kids were in this clan... which means you get ur pull from eop which is cool and I'm not mad about it. btw aysix and reborn suck off lalo and thats potato masher as aids... I think lalo is cool and all but I can't believe two grown men can idolize someone over a paint game.. reborn and aysix got bullied into fs from the beatings they got in vanquish and dont know what to do without daddy lalo
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    Where is picwarrior?
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    we dont figth low tier clans btw :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DD::D:D:DDD gf all clans
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    The level of dribble on this site is unbearably justin beiber worthy... Ob have decent members and get evenly matched/fun fights which is what pure clans were and should be all about, a few bellends crashing fights and dribbling on their desk isn't going to make a difference when clan wars is one teleport away. I'm glad fearless don't use the EoP name, the mindless drivel that comes out of their mouths is an embarrassment to old EoP members who WERE the targets and had a little bit of class to take it in their stride. This community has become comparable to a food eating contest where the only things offered are big brown sticky stuff sandwiches, a dick swinging contest between little peckers, a playground argument of 'my dad can beat up your dad'.
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    i hope they dont close. but sometimes its not a bad thing to start again(and i dont mean by closing, but by starting over), even if they took a few weeks hiatus and started recruiting again. its a lot easier to recruit at lower levels than the ones they're at. cd went from pulling 30s in lpc, followed by losing 50% of our core memberbase to pulling 50s+ again in xlpc just 3 weeks later. if your leaders are good enough and have the foresight/confidence that people will commit to reset, it can be done even in 2018. depends how committed your members are. or you could go the way of UB and close because you never liked your own clan anyway and use a slump as an excuse to fulfill that dream of joining apex
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    18 years old and still a virgin
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    Fearless Sunday Late Night Smoke FT. 1v3

    exzrts u dont need to write an essay for midweek
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    Multiple choice question, time to vote for everything
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    Watched both povs and can say it looked very bad on ir's end
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    Eop ruins the pure scene with mains.... gets mad when clans start to team up on them.... smh On some real talk Eop has some good returners (or maybe mains) to keep their opts up 2 v 1. Too bad the scene is trash.
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    14/1/18 P2P Rankings

    Chill we will prep tomorrow and see who the superior clan is.
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    14/1/18 P2P Rankings

    Rats with wings, we made u scatter for 3 months. Your ranks are panicking because of how infested ur clan is. How could I expect you to know though, your just a useless +1. You started this when you tried and failed to hold hands with Supremacy for 1 month. Don't overestimate your capabilities after 1 competent weekend.
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    Gf eop but why are you fighting xlpc teams?
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    @Horizon dicked misfits again
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    King Kinse

    14/1/18 P2P Rankings

    1. eop 2. px 3. apex 4. ir 5. fo rest.
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    Cute Cub

    14/1/18 P2P Rankings

    1. EOP 2. AAO
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    n the middle of the fight, FOE put on our capes.
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    Have you seen this clan cape??

    I went trophy hunting in clan wars. I found fatality and Foe trophy. Eop trophy loc????
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    Doom's Official Reopening Saturday Trip!

    Nice gj reopening but why lie lmfao.
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    Doom's Official Reopening Saturday Trip!

    Yoo fuck stop being justin beiber and 2 face, sayin "gl" or "welcome back doom" we all know it was probly the worst opening trip we seen in 2016-2018 , They had +10 FS and +5 on CD but the only clan they cleared was fkn Overkid who camped at lvl 6 with 40 kid , FS cleared them 3-4 time in a row why tf they posted a topic
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    AAO VS SF 10V10+ 3-0

    You know its bad when @Edjez is saying in game that controls crying lmfao
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    How long before Fearless closes into Hate?

    At least I'm tall enough to go on roller coasters
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    Do you get an 429 error? Try to refresh the page, i'll ask Slushpuppy / Lenin.
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    Chinaman wins again

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