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    Remind me who's winning please

    Fo Officer Jake who was promoted 5 days ago quit and useless Fo Council Eldar stepped down. Some1 remind me whos winning please lol @Foe @holydreams @Ted @Bash @Demais @Jordai @Marko @2 Radical @Yentll @Jordan @lookatwhatidid
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    3at threatens out of game actions

    i remember this indian kid piping to munapäät and day later we got posted their leaderboards l0l all talk
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    Snakebrew awards 2017

    I tried to include every clan but I don't follow all of banter from some clans big gratz to all who received awards inspired from skeez awards
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    Eliminating the most popular voting option as a grounds of establishing equal normal assumptions in sampling is incorrect because this is a qualitative poll. You might as well not have these awards if you’re scared that a certain clan has too many members on your site as your procedure is very flawed (imagine if every voter who thought eop was the #1 clan voted eop/aao). You could try to do what Zybez does, they prohibit individuals from voting for their own clan.
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    cant remember doing that, but if it made me 200m id do it again
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    Massed up 38 Tigers for this Sunday Superbowl trip.
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    when foe fredericko talked about warring l0000l
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    Lmao you may outpull fs from piggy backing from a lpc clan you losers but at the end of the day we got a matched win and you don't . Losers
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    3at threatens out of game actions

    This is about as low as it gets.
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    who cares if ur pictures get posted online when ur as sexy as i am
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    probably because the majority of wins came from an lpc scene where the biggest competition was bv and xl, until eop came in and ub went 0-6 vs eop, leading to the closure of ub
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    Public Relations Pig

    2/4/18 Sunday P2P Rankings!

    Just imagine some farmhand getting in from roundin' up the cattle to jump on his rocking chair, boot up his Dell and watch the Windows XP logo flicker onto his CRT monitor as he opens up Internet Explorer and logs into his sharkbrew account named @Fudog.
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    As a statistics undergrad obtaining my masters in data analytics, your logic behind nulling Eop/Aao votes is flawed. Utilising 95% confidence intervals to obtain outliers only applies to numerical/quantitative data sets, not qualitative ones. For example, if there was a poll asking who the best soccer player in the world was, and everyone was told to choose their top two, most people would pick Messi and Ronaldo. Just because most people would vote those two players does not quantify as an outlier when the MAJORITY of the people in the poll chose that option. @slushpuppy
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    this must be a meme the same rank structure closed their clan like 8 times wut only person that has a clue over at PX hq is @Edgi
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    because ub closed l0l
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    Imagine hiding behind a fake account to flame clans over oldschool.runescape.com
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    Recep Ivedik

    2/4/18 Sunday P2P Rankings!

    imagine being kicked from your own snipeteam god bless
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    Results of Sharkbrew Clanning Awards 2017

    True story, the only thing that guy called was the 6k bill for his rival clan's high council
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    Results of Sharkbrew Clanning Awards 2017

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    Supremacy Saturday Ft AAO, FI, IR, FOE, Px

    Dont give fo fights or you'll get your clan killed just like apex lmfao
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    2017 is probably one of the most active years of Pure Clanning since Pre-EOC inspite of lesser population of players in Runescape. Even during our periods where our reach and activity had abated, and naysayers were predicting our demise, The Pure Community has shown resilience and grit in preserving this community. Once again I would like to thank all the Individuals and Clan Leaders who are still maintaining the 1 def scene for the greater good of the community. Sharkbrew Clanning Awards This year, Sharkbrew has taken steps in mitigating the skewed voting patterns that resulted a single clan winning majority of the awards. In the current multi clanning environment and where clan allegiance changes weekly, it was not feasible to ban people from voting for their own clan. Our solution for this year involves a simple statistical method that removes extremities and only counting votes from the majority(95%). Judging by the results, we are pleased to see that the results are fairly accurate to the general consensus of the community perception rather than being bias again a certain group of clans. This further legitimizes the winner of the awards as mass voting is negated completely. P.S. Unfortunately we have decided to null the most honorable clan award simply because the top 5 clans from the results were involved in DOXing/DDOSing/Mains like 2 weeks ago =.= Results: For those interested in the technical bits, you may view the processes in his spoiler. For the rest of you who just wants to see the award sigs: @Member @Veteran @Ambassador @Kingpin Thanks to EOP Jack for creating the sigs Feel free to review the voting results in the excel sheet provided below. sharkbrew.xlsx