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    After @slushpuppeh stated that beating fom would result in another clan winning over the best clan wars clan award, fatality were quick to dive in for a free title. It may have looked like a prep, but in a prep you do not attack unless the opts are matched, however fom attacked fatality, imitating a fullout and forfeiting their right to the award, as no true best clan wars clan would cheat! It was only a matter of time until the award was corrected, what clan wars clan goes 1-12 in preps lol Without further adieu, sharkbrew proudly presents to you the new clan wars clan of the year! Congratulations @Whisky and co on your achievements! P.s Has anybody realized that ever since ub closed into fom, fom have lost 95% of their preps? They were actually doing quite well prior lol. If I was in fom right now, I'd be wondering why we auto-accepted all of the brown sticky stuff ub members/ranks and let them ruin the clan...
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    Yo @fo what the fuck dude???

    Every clan you touch dies
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    Waifu Pillow

    Best F2P caller(s)?

    definitely not anybody with a soft feminine ass voice
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    Same man, Get over it though!
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    Yo @fo what the fuck dude???

    Hahaha mustafa the refugee afghan mute is flaming someone about a mic l000000l
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    Yo @fo what the fuck dude???

    honestly thatd be funny if someone who actually spoke on mic said that
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    You tried crashing a fight with 8 people and got humiliated.
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    Best F2P caller(s)?

    that originalz guy is pretty solid if your clan wants to scim north south
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    excuse mi, i think u all forgot something. did u forget ???????????????? I am sure the community will agree with me. This was indeed the most intense rivalry of 2017. Where 1 man slumped 1 clan.
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    Can confirm first part, second part unconfirmed
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    Meet Them With Scims

    Best F2P caller(s)?

    Probably Naaldo, heard that guy 3-0’d a clan in his first f2p prep and smokes every1 in wild as well, gotta go with him
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    thanks for the award this shout out goes out to my boys on fo side who left fi the night before and still lost
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    Destiny vs Overpowered 2-1 F2P Prep

    pipe up r1 get fucked r2 and 3 gf ty 4 prep
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    Ty EoP also Face Reveal at 1k Subs on my YT

    Damn lol a group of people who can host award voting and not change their results to fit in with their bias personal beliefs @slushpuppeh maybe you should let @DULL and @Brap take over awards from now on, it looks like they're able to be impartial unlike the rest of your staff l0l
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    Ahh yes Special Forces, big scare, much wow. Px closing soon
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    Cntrl pkr, What are you doing??????

    i heard the firebirds are killing IR tho.
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    Yo @fo what the fuck dude???

    olympus 2020
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    is this true?

    real woodcutters real logs
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    Yo @fo what the fuck dude???

    vidder looks sick at barraging his own members
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    Then I feel sorry for you. The rest of the world moved on.
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    I dont think anyone will ever beat the winstreak foe got on eop
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    Yo @fo what the fuck dude???

    former parody clan leader finally finds the cajones to call out his former idols for what they really are