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    Today, FOM, the so called "rivals" of EOP, have managed to pull only 36 members to the F2P Saturday trip. With their shitty pull, FOM was only able to put on other clans' capes to get action. Furthermore, Jamz and Paul have both left the clan. We need a new rivalry lol.
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    |#AAO|WWW.AAO-RS.COM| Against All Odds were threatened by Hassan and his elders with mains. We knew that Envy were making any excuse to use mains against us and ruin the scene, so we retaliated back 10 fold to let them know that AAO is the wrong clan to mess with. AAO set out with 130 cubs, later peaking at 150 cubs to take out Envy. Short message to Envy: This is it for you. You got beaten at your own game and we don't intend to stop until you are closed or move back down to the XLPC scene again (lol). We are still in your rank meetings and are always one step ahead of you. Shoutout to the boy Jacko and Taka for attending our trip on mobile :D! AAO SATURDAY VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wI-CUw99cZs&feature=youtu.be Envy Audio LEAK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hISOwOvKfXM&feature=youtu.be 00:15 - Hassan speech LOL 02:15 - Another cringe speech from 0ver LMAO 04:00 - Hassan losing to "lvl 3s" 05:40 - Hassan speaking arabic and planning terrorism 06:20 - "everyone get to edge bridge" 07:15 - Members are turning against Hassan and get demoralized 12:15 - Hassan getting paranoid when AAO is about to rush for fight #2 15:00 - Hassan exposes AAO for having 5 clans in them LOL? 15:35 - Hassan throws in the towel, mutes his mic and leaves his clan to die. 17:30 - Over takes Envy to CA down 50 and gets his clan killed LOL 19:15 - "yo lets just meetup edge" LOL 20:00 - envy members revolt for the next 7 minutes 26:55 - "FOE did themselves a favor, we are going to close them with EOP" AAO vs Envy #1 AAO decided to taunt Envy in their own home world and soon moved towards Corp Hill. We sat there for 5 minutes until we realized that Envy were not moving away from 13 corp. We ran in and completely dominated Envy within the first second. After 2 minutes Envy were already down 40 and decided to run west and hug the single line. We made sure to just finish them off in single and after 10 minutes we walked them down like the dogs they are LOL. AAO vs Envy #2 Envy defended at Corp with a new found confidence thinking that FOE would help them but seems like Hassan fell for old tricks again LOL. 35 minutes of complete domination, never once moving to single and Envy's pathetic attempt of going to CA to try and make a tactical return fight pretty much sealed the deal for them. We finished off the last remaining Envy and walked down to Edge ditch where they ended with 30, to our 75.
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    looks like you both lost, bringing more mains than pures to fight 1 def. i got nothin against aao or envy but that shit cringe lol
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    also why are you leaking audio of you not hitting IR once and IR losing to the #1 clan EoP after stepping up down opts to fight us when sup audio consists of you running logging from EoP and going to G/E to buy EoP capes? yikes lmao this is a horrible effort rd quality.
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    So the keypoints to this topic from an unbiased standpoint: 1. AAO pumped a load all over Envy today. 2. Even though half of Envys pull was mains, AAO had a solid 150 pures and happened to diagnose the PTSD back into Hassan. 3. That Warrior guy commenting is an emotional wreck and probably needs some counselling at this point in time (potential bonding time with Hassan) 4. looked ezpz
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    <15:56:44> "Jamz" disconnected (Leaving)

    @Docker @Erik @Yentll @Jordan @Jordai @step 2 @Bash @zmaj @Foe @Himsa @LIT-Files @Jaimy @Pker4life DOES ANYONE CARE TO SPEAK UP LMA0000000000000000000000000000 36 PULL WTF IS THAT L000000000000000L
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    @Enza listening to your sexy voice atm
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    July,14th,2018; The Pure Elites massed up 45 Fatality Warriors later peaking at 53 Green Men for our F2P Saturday Trip. We setup a fight against Supremacy and defended at sperm. They rushed from the south and the tussle began. We went kill for kill for some time in a even one vs one fight. Eruption of Pures crashed from the west, we went south and SUP ran to singles at dipped. We went to bank. We setup another fight against Supremacy at Falador, We defended inside the shop and SUP rushed from middle. We started focusing the door and getting alot of bangs on the door and the inner walls. We heard Eruption of Pures was coming from another world upstairs. We ran outside and went to the bank west before they could crash. We got a fight against Apex and rushed them while they defended inside bandits camp they had a few more on us but we started to focus their members sticking out, We continued to cycle through and get some nice 1v1 action, Eruption of Pures logged in from the south and rushed north. We pulled east going outside the door and south. Apex ran to singles and dipped. We setup another fight against Supremacy down 10. We rushed from the west and instantly banged out two of them. We continued to battle hard with good movements and strong calls. Intense Redemption logged in and We started hitting them. Eruption of Pures logged in and focused FI, We fought back briefly but than pulled northwest to the main fight. We started sniping EOP and killing their stragglers. They came and rushed us and we logged out. We setup a fight against Apex and they defended bandits, We rushed from the west and started cycling right off the bat. We got a couple quick KO's before Supremacy crashed from the south, We pulled north and Eruption of Pures crashed and started hitting Supremacy, They dipped and Apex ran from EOP. We went to bank. We setup our last fight against Apex but as we went Eruption of Pures was all we found. Surprisingly they had only +5 on us so we held out ground and started fighting back, We pushed EOP south and started to pull it even. They had a fast group of returners and held the lead, Intense Redemption crashed and we ran west near pond, and than far west and logged. @Schweden
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    Nightmare vs Rampage 2-1 F2P Prep

    looked like we put rp in a blunt and smoked them.
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    Nice action Fatality, Clean 1v1s per usual.
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    20:15 @Enza defending nightmare <3 the only real nightmare that was there was me man. everyone who is in nightmare from aao was in aao before they joined lol
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    remember when u unmuted ur mic? oh wait ur a mute
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    can u guys stop sending people into my clan lol
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    ty @17_ for leaking foc audio confirming they were wearing aao capes during the fights. SAD
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    Yikes, I just feel sorry for you at this point.
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    <15:56:44> "Jamz" disconnected (Leaving)

    Lol stop tagging me you sweaty gooch, I weren't even there. I give 0 fucks about your pixel fetish or rivalry consisting of autistic 'banter' and rune armor.
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    EV ded gz AAO very strong and wdf they pull lol
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    I legit linked this to all our members, and they all laughed at you.
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    Misfits: Who will alliance with us?

    Misfits is dog shit
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    <15:56:44> "Jamz" disconnected (Leaving)

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    kiss me rn and i wont post another envy audio
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    u flamed me constantly when we were "friends" now that im doing it youre getting emotional
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    you should, but remember we will always be 2 steps ahead
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    I was indeed, Envy had a lot of 85 combats that's correct, majority of your mains were higher levels (90+). But your callers were saying "make sure your main is on a pure" & the like. Not here to stir the pot, you guys's flame war will inventively continue regardless. I only comment here in the hope of making this scene less cancerous. Agreed with the last bit too
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    You were at our trip. You saw Envy at the start. They had 100 people, fully half of which were in rune. These aren't even maxed mains, most of them are around 85 combat accounts built specifically to rag pures. There's no way to avoid them, so we decided to teach them a lesson and (hopefully) show them that they're better off dropping the mains. Until Jagex comes out with def capped wilderness options this will always be a problem. Like I said in my other post, if Envy admits they were morons for threatening to bring 50 mains and stops bringing any so will we. I'm perfectly happy smashing them on pures, they're awful warrers regardless of what accounts they're on lol.
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    nice bro now ur clan is what? 1-15 against cp ?? l000l
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    Mains: https://gyazo.com/daeb55e83365192797d66204db19a7a7 more mains: https://gyazo.com/a7471d99271a4aaf559732a9f95a99f9 Ranks joking on discord about if you zoom in enough you can't see any mains and all the mains are actually envy in our capes:https://gyazo.com/bd8c86a01782ac337ecbba1968d2b537 & https://gyazo.com/3e60db2582623136db3ae719e0469476 And finally right at the end of the fight... look at the number of full rune players you see.. Neither Envy or AAO have the right to call yourself a pureclan pathetic https://gyazo.com/38c88c758879cd6a143418fbc476b42b
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    @Don Elmir @Big Meat @Hassann @Enza Well have 175 for you next week :]
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    Misfits: Who will alliance with us?

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    https://gyazo.com/424b752203c248d41ce61bee13ab35a9 won max stack and items in dual arena doing a 800m goodie bag for my guys
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    <15:56:44> "Jamz" disconnected (Leaving)

    Did Fo really stoop down to help Envy
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    1v5 #Apex

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    FH did it again

    nice looks like misfits lost again
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    Supremacy Rank Boards ~ Blame Jizzle

    we get it man rage died!!!
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    I swear nobody must watch your vids, EVERY weekend you post loosing povs lmao, could only imagine how many times fatality would be fully cleared in 1v1s if it wasn’t for eop. First 2 fights in your own vid you end up down opts and losing vs Sup both times when EOP crash and save you the embarrassment, then the same goes for Apex fights.
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    Sick night bitches (HangOver movie quote)
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    Bro.. how do you live in England and type like you was estranged from your parents at the age of 5 and had to evacuate your home land for a better life.. your clan has been pulling 40’s for weeks and has a 65 man memberlist.. we all know those weren’t all AAO mains and pures, you should probably just go back into retirement because we 0know or 0 care about who you are freak
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    when u pull 150 you need more than 1 cc my friend
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    Misfits: Who will alliance with us?

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    lil meat piped up to daddy Naaldo and I gave him my massive cock 200 lions next weekend btw coma gang wins again
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    Stop giving me poor banter ty
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    FOCs Foundation: #1 P2P Matched Take that and you have nothing. If you think credit goes to anyone other than Apex, LOL. Stomped and Slumped.
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