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    Papa Bear


    Just a recap of the last few weeks in the xlpc scene, probably the worse scene I've ever been apart of with beta clans who camp fog after they get beat over and over again. Clans scared to open, scared to get action, scared to step in the wilderness. Today Rampage camped level 8 wilderness up opts not coming to 13s unless they were fighting nightmare with like +25... legit pussy of a clan when daddy came in the show they got absolutely fucking dicked and ran around like chickens with their heads cut off, absolutely fucking lost. Not going to fight this dog shit of a clan
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    Black Man Gone Mad in PVP

    Like / Sub / Enjoy =D
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    Started this Saturday off by running into VnG in our caves and proceeded to have a little fight with them for 30 mins. As per usual with JaJa, always one step behind us, they showed up to only get instantly fucked on sight. Vanguard left the fight to leave JaJa defenseless and we started smoking them off the map, one hitting their members left and right. Eventually the majority of the fight wound up taking place in black dragons. Most of the time though, JaJa was spent camping in singles at the cave entrance. While we stood in the bank enjoying our win and loots, JaJa made an attempt to save face and took a fake ending. **If you are a JaJa member and cannot deal with the fake endings and propaganda PM:** Will the Trill#7882 Im_soBeast#0280 Rams#5821 Live footage of a JaJa pk trip caught on Camera: Pics:
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    Very active PvM activities in this clan. Raids for learners are often done daily and PvP events are frequent, as well.
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    damn u couldn't beat 26, god u fucking suck.
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    I completely agree Zeke you have to discipline your children otherwise how will they learn? tf was that supposed to be jaja lmfao
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    Find it hilarious that of all people talking about skin color it's Zeke lmfao
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    You got absolutely ripped to shreds today in your own timezone. Close your eyes race war
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    Grats on your win
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    Blue boots vs EOP 4-0 x1 perfected 6v6s

    nice nawe
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    Shut the fuck up pussi. when my px niggas met with you irl they said you was awkward as fuck and wouldnt look anyone in eye when speaking to them hahahahaha. whats matter pussi boi afraid to look man in eye hahahaha. i also herd that u asked to borrow money from one of the guys so u could catch a bus home hahaha poor nigga aao kid.
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    Topic bump/Sidebar reshuffle

    Topic bump has been implemented - thanks @Team Paradox! Sidebar profile has been reshuffled thanks @Grabbin Forums have been reshuffled thanks @Murd Pure sectons has been split accordingly, thanks @Wee Man Sharkbrew will be changing her skin soon. Do reply to this topic if you want to propose new updates brew
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    Nightmare vs Critical Damage F2P Prep 2-1

    congratz @Slowky
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    Supremacy Saturday F2P Powerhouse

    Disgusting main/teamer clan
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    Nightmare XLPC Mid-Week

    Nah you're just a bitch.
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    Misfits vs IR 2-1 in sets

    2-1 in sets, gf fellas. @BackWoodsL PoV
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    scene was wayyyy too easy lmfao. all shit clans lmao pipe up and we'll be back to rag in opponents cape haha
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    Daddy Nate

    Cd ending sig

    Rp closed CD. Lol
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    U sound upset u didn’t get to 2v1 today lmfao